Kithara: One Hugot Can Go a Long Way

Kithara’s music resonates with the deep aches of their listeners. And this special connection between the OPM foursome and their supporters eventually gave birth to the Kitharistas, a group of listeners turned fans turned friends. So why do Kitharistas love the band so much? Well, let us count the ways.

  1. Dex is the group’s default heartthrob. Yes, he catches the fancy of most girls with his boy-next-door appeal. But besides that, he is actually a good singer. His husky voice seems to increase his pogi points, as some girls would even want to have a duet with him. Next time you visit their gig, ask him to sing James Ingram’s “There’s No Easy Way” and swoon.
  2. Jun, the band’s bassist, would at first seems like the silent serious ‘suplado’ type but he’s really very friendly and hasreally good memory. “Every time na magkikita kami, never niyang nakalimutan yung last ninyong napag-uspan tapos saka ka niya kakamustahin,” says Nedgee Hernandez.
  3. Pato, the group’s frontman, the bands hugot king. He makes the usually figurative “hugot” become literal as well. He will sit with the audience before and in between sets. This is really one of his ways to ask you to sing with the band. He holds a charm that will make you say yes to his request. Even if you’re not the best singer in the world, you’ll enjoy singing onstage with them because they can turn your anxious energy and hurt into something you and the rest of the audience can enjoy.
  4. Poli is the group’s de facto mysterious shy guy. Among the foursome, Poli is probably the “good boy.” Between sets, you will see him fiddling with his phone. I have watched him do this a lot of times. He is a guy that likes to keep busy, making sure that his time isn’t wasted. He could either be playing a game or using a guitar-related app. Nedgee Hernandez testifies, “Kung di mo kukulitin, di ka iimikin. Pero kalog din yan… Mabait din yan si Poli… Never ko din nakita yan si Poli na uminom. Palagi na lang water o juice.
  5. The people behind the group’s music videos, both on-cam and off-cam, are friends and fan-turned-friends. “Yung halos ubusin mo personal budget mo para sa music video production nung mga panahon na di pa nararating ng Kithara ang narating na nila ngayon,” says Ree Dunton. Mede Ozirab Releirol shares, “Yung tipong nakilala mo sila tapos ininvite ka sa mga gig, super enjoy, tapos ininvite ka para makasama ka sa music video, pinagpalit mo yun kahit mawalan ka ng trabaho, umabsent pa sa work para don lang kahit alam mong di mo sigurado if may work ka pang babalikan.
  6. Dex is a gaming addict. He likes to play mobile games when not playing his kahon. “Every after set nila eh direcho tutok sa phone niya kasi andami niyang nilalaro dun. Iba iba. Bawat kita ata namin may panibago na naman siyang naka-install.” – Nedgee Hernandez
  7. Their first single “To Move On” is a very personal song written and inspired by Pato’s then-broken heart. The song has reached another milestone when it was played on Gandang Gabi Vice. “Mapapaiyak ka sa mga hugot songs nila na tipong ubos na yung tissue di pa din tumitigil luha mo Kithara yung pag alam nilang may pinagdadaanan ka at broken hearted ka e sasadyain pa kumanta ng nakakaiyak. Pero pagkatapos nun, they will make you smile,” says friend and fellow vocalist Maria Maree.

If you really look into it, Kithara has earned the ears and hearts of many. Their down-to-earth nature makes it hard not to become friends with them even after just one drink. “Yung trato mo sa pamilya nila at mahal nila sa buhay ay parang pamilya na rin,” says Ree Dunton.

Indeed with Kithara and the Kitharistas, one hugot can go a long way.


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