Kithara unveils new single “Payo”

Kithara has just released their new single “Payo” on Spotify.

After the success of their well played song “To Move On”, Kithara is again up to give Kitharistas and all their followers something to add to their hugot playlist.

Known for their painfully delightful songs, the new single brings fresh vibe to Kithara’s ensemble. Written by Kithara’s frontman Pato San Juan together with Poli (music by Pato and Poli, words by Pato), the song offers an upbeat tune, an escape to their usual slow and hurtful ballads. It also brings true to their goal of always bringing something new to their audience and listeners.

Asked about the inspiration of the song, Pato said it was inspired by his frustration with a broken hearted friend who never listens to his advice.

So, if you want new music to listen to, we advice you to check Kithara’s newest single and get Kitharafied.


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