KITHARA releases first single under Warner Music Philippines

After signing a publishing contract with Warner Music Philippines recently, Kithara enters yet another phase in their music career with the release of their first single “To Move On” via Spotify.

To Move On is Kithara’s first single under Warner Music Philippines and was released yesterday March 10, 2015 via the online music portal Spotify.

The song was written and composed by Kithara’s vocalist James Patrick San Juan and guitarist Oscar Policarpio Jr. It tells the story of a man who decided to move on but ended up hurting and lying to his emotions that it’s over when in fact it is not.

According to James Patrick, the song was Warner’s first choice to be release not only because they find it beautiful but they see it as a potential hit. To Move On will also be available in other online music portals like iTunes, Deezer etc. and will also be played soon on different radio stations.

The music video is also in the making and will also be released soon.

Kithara is an accoustic band composed of Patrick San Juan, Oscar Policarpio Jr., Dex Galsim and Jun Tovera. They started playing in 2008 and currently doing gigs on different bars in the metro.

For more of Kithara, just visit their official Facebook Page.

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