Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party: A throwback to the beast

More than a decade after being toughened in the Ozzfest arena, and hundreds of millions of music sales later, Linkin Park have become of America’s biggest and most famous rock bands. But now they’re taking the rock and edge of their music into another level. Their latest album release, “The Hunting Party”, is not only the most rock-hard and powerful material they’ve put out, but it’s also their first material to have a lot of focus on the guitar-laden vibe that would appeal to the millions of headbangers. The album’s intoxicating elements of thrash, punk, and headbanging rock like on the tracks, “Mark the Graves”, and “Keys to the Kingdom” is a particularly brave move from a rock group that has immersed themselves deeply into the electronic music genre on their past two and recent release.


But the heavy vibe of their overall sound is the not the only thing that’s out of the ordinary on this record. Brad Delson, guitarist, who scarcely touched his instrument in the past years, not only produces great devastating guitar riffs but also on nearly every song on the album gives a great howling of solo guitar performance. Moreover, this is the first album where the band features cameo by other artists and also, “The Hunting Party” is band’s first album to be self-produced in their extensive music career considering that Rick Rubin has oversaw the production of the last three releases.

All these changes gave the album an air of aggressiveness and progressiveness but still remained to Linkin Park brand of sound. This latest album proves that bands that have been in the scene for so long does not get soft over the year, instead they grow balls.