LOLA’s Noisy Neighbors releases “Ayaw ni Lola” Music Video

FUBU International presents LOLA’s Noisy Neighbors composed of 3 rap superstars KrazyKyle, Doughboy, Ladyzasta, and EDM producer Penitent. The group’s combined talent resulted in the track “Ayaw ni Lola.”

The general listening public will initially not recognize this song as Pinoy rap because of its danceable nature. The track almost begs for the listener to fist their pump to the music. LOLA’s Noise Neighbors used Pinoy rap as their medium and infused it with electro dance beats. The song can prove to be an earworm: playing the song ten times will leave the word ‘punyeta’ stuck in the head, if only because cuss words are not usually used in songs. It becomes catchier as it was played over a fresher technique in hiphop production.

The interesting thing about this song is in the way it mixes hiphop and EDM elements. This would probably be the first time most people will hear this kind of sound from a local artist or group, a sound most usually represented in the international mainstream by the Black Eyed Peas, Far East Movement, LMFAO, and Dev.

The lyrics are easy to understand with their mix of Filipino and English words. The title of the track already reveals Lola’s conservative ways and her short temper. “She want it all and deserve it ‘cuz/ Don’t care how much it costs / She got her daddy paying for the things she can’t afford.” These lines tell of a girl that has a sugar daddy boyfriend. This illustrates the opposite of the stereotypical Lola’s girl that always obeys what her Lola says.

The music video mixes conservative Filipino culture and party-oriented lifestyle of younger Filipinos. The video’s epic ending has Lola spanking Ladyzasta. Now, that’s a laugh.

LOLA’s Noisy Neighbors offer a new and different dimension to the local rap scene. If this music fusion clicks with general music listeners, it would become the baseline reference for future sound fusion of Pinoy rap and electro dance music.

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Written by Gab Diaz

Started blogging about music thru an urban music and lifestyle blog. He is a purebred hip-hop music writer who is open to learning more about other music genres.

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