Maria E Releases New Single “LMNOP”

Indie artist, Maria E is set to release her single titled “LMNOP” this August. It will be released through digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Maria E (also known as Espie/Maria Espie to her friends and family) is an all-around musician known for her power vocals and songwriting. Since 2006, she has been active in the music scene fronting several bands raiding the underground scene. Influences include Paramore, Urbandub, Sugarfree, Franco, Imago, Fireflight, and many others.

In 2018, she’s taken flight as a solo acoustic artist singing songs about love, hope, and everyday life. With her newest single, Maria E is said to take her music up a notch breaking the boundaries between acoustic and triphop.

“LMNOP is actually a breakthrough song for me. I’ve always been fascinated with exploring different genres. I’ve had my rocker chick phase, electronic hiphop phase, then acoustic, and now I’m trying to combine all of them in one. With LMNOP, I thought that I finally cracked the code! It’s where I want my music to go or what I wanted to sound like. I’m out of words! I’m just super excited with this song!” says Maria E.

In cooperation with FloppyHaus Production, SonicLogo.TV, and Red Button Production, Maria E is set to hold a pre-launch party at Saguijo on August 27 and bar tour at Mang Rudy’s Bagtikan Makati on September 7.

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Author: Gab Diaz

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