Myrtle Sarrosa Release OPM Fusion Album Under Ivory Music and Video

Ivory Music and Video is one of the remaining advocates of Original Pilipino Music. True enough, they continue to support local artists and musicians in defining their own sound.

After a string of releases by Filipino artists, 21-year old Myrtle Sarrosa is next in line.

Best known for her cosplay persona and winning the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition in 2012, she is about to set another milestone in her life. Not only will she be earning a degree in Mass Communications from U.P. Diliman, she has just released her sophomore album last June 27.

“Now Playing – Myrtle”is a nine-track OPM fusion album crossing over ballad, pop, RnB, dance, rap, with influences of hiphop. Produced by acclaimed music producer Jonathan Ong, Myrtle was given the chance to do what she does best – to rap and write her own songs.

Writing songs for an all-original CD is no easy task. According to Myrtle,“The entire song writing process really invoked a lot of critical thinking and getting the opinion of other people until we came up with a strong lineup of songs for the album.”She further explained it took her 21 years to finish as it is a product of her life experiences or as she put it,“It’s basically me in a nutshell.” She enjoys writing so much, she has now started writing materials for other artists.

The album includes the catchy carrier single,“Mr. Pakipot”that also comes with a stripped version, is now receiving good radio airplay. Other tracks are“Heartbroken”,“Nasaan Ka Na”,“Sabi Nila”,“Still Love Me”,“Tadhana”,“Ngayon”, and“Label”featuring rap artist ABRA.


Myrtle shares her pick of the litter.  Top choice is,“Heartbroken”,her favorite song off the record, which has the makings of the next anthem for the‘sawi sa pag-ibig’.

Myrtle describes“Ngayon”as her fight song because it conveys a very important message.“It talks about believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams despite other people telling you that you can’t… how I was discouraged to write my own songs but still managing to finally finding my own sound and style.”

Working with ABRA for the rap conversational song,“Label”was a dream come true for her. The song narrates the rallying back and forth discussion between a girl and boy involved in a budding romance except only the girl claims he refuses to put a label on their relationship.

Now Playing – Myrtle is now available in all record stores nationwide. It can also be downloaded at iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming sites.

And to officially launch her as Ivory’s newest recording artist, catch Myrtle as she will be performing her songs live on July 14,11pm at Zirkoh Tomas Morato with the Hotlegs. Ticket is Php 400 and available in all SM outlets and Zirkoh Tomas Morato. This is presented by Megasoft, Sisters Zirkoh and Ivory Music and Video.


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