Myrus Ramirez releases Wala Man Sa’yo Ang Lahat official music video

Would you fall in love with a person that has special condition? That is the main theme of Myrus Ramirez’s latest music video.

Myrus Ramirez, dubbed the Sentimental Pop Prince, released the music video for his single “Wala Man Sa’yo Ang Lahat” on May 31, 2014. The song title seems like a contradictory reaction to Daniel Padilla’s “Nasa’yo Na Ang Lahat” but this is uncertain. Although depth in the lyrics seems to be lacking (“Wala man sa’yo ang lahat / Sa ’kin ay ikaw lang / Wala man sa’yo ang lahat / Hanap ka sa twina”), the song features a catchy melody and a mass appeal that would find its way easier in the pop-r&b-ballad listeners.

The video, which was directed by Ryan Evangelista, depicts not only the “kilig” moments in dating and meeting a new love interest, but also the challenge of finding out the special condition of that one special person. The clip starts out in an ecopark, where the guy meets this lovely girl who captured his attention. Without knowing the girl’s condition, the guy approachs her and introduces himself, to be met by a hand gesture from the girl as the only response. From that point on, the guy began talking to her via sticky notes. Several other dates follow where the two are seen to be enjoying each other’s company via their sticky notes conversation. Towards the end, the girl asks the guy if he will still love her in spite of her condition, which the guy seemingly answers in the affirmative because the music video ended with the two, holding hands while walking.

The video, which was uploaded on Myrus Apacible’s (birth name of Myrus Ramirez) Youtube channel earned 2,661 views, with 42 likes just after five days from posting. Positive comments prove that the video was warmly accepted by his fans.

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Written by Ron Mia

A music enthusiast who's into pop/ballad/rnb/alternative rock. Supporter of OPM and promoter of #OPMFriday

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