Nobody ever thought I would be here – Quest

Pinoy singer-songwriter, Quest spent years in Manila’s top artist management companies performing, releasing songs, featured on TV and radio; even releasing his first album. While some might consider this a success route, the growing music business left Quest pondering. Being in these well-oiled industry management machines has its merits, but Quest forged a new path for himself to become an independent artist.

Quest can be described as a non-protégé type. He came out differently unlike stars from reality TV shows or a lineage of artists. Everything else is hard work, perseverance and faith that kept Quest to where he is right now.

In this journey, Quest learned so much about himself and allowed to trust himself to push further. Late nights in the studios, writing proses while in transit, dreaming in broad daylight – and doing what it takes every day to be an inch closer to his dreams – Quest gravitated towards the underdogs of the industry. He saw value in working on refining his craft and growing his brand. He learned that achieving a shared dream is bigger than the spotlight being offered to him. He believes and refers to his fans as his team mates (Team Quest) – an integral part of his being, a support group.

While developing the album – songs like Sige Lang, Saludo, Digmaan were slowly being recognized as strong pillars of his next album. These songs gained notoriety online and topped charts nationwide; and allowed Quest to travel the Philippines to share his story and music. You might not see Quest on regular weekly gigs but he is in various regional festivals that allows him to be more visible among youth and making impact to their lives.

“Sige Lang” gained the #1 spot in various music charts and granted Quest to fly to Spain and catch the 2014 FIBA World Cup with Gilas Pilipinas.

On the other hand, “Life of a Champion” – considered as the soundtrack of the modern day winner speaks of dream and our everyday struggle for self-improvement.

“Being a champion can be as simple as saying ‘no’ and making better choices in life. I want this album to find its way into your days – there are days when you celebrate, days where life leaves you broken, days when you heal and get back on your feet; these are emotions you will feel while listening to this album,” Quest shared.

In order to reach more fans, Quest’s album was independently released in November 2015, with over 3,000 sold copies to boast.

“And then I ask them, what are the three songs from the album they like? I want to show them that I am as regular as they are and it is a great jump start for anyone who has a dream.” Quest said.

Imagine an independent artist in 2016 – selling 3,000 copies of his album in this day and age – unheard of. This album has also churned out three number one hits so far – “Higher” was #1 on WAVE 89.1; “No Greater Love” featuring Clara Benin was #1 on MAGIC 89.9 “Sige Lang” was also #1 on MAGIC 89.9 in 2012. The album also features Aicelle Santos (Rak of Aegis) on “Kalawakan”, Reese Lansangan on “Paborito” and of course, Juliane Tarroja on “Digmaan”. Songs like the superhero themed “Speed of Light”, celebrating on “Champions”, serenading the sexy on “Golden” round up the album.

Quest recently partnered with Warner Music, as the digital distributor for the album.

“Exciting times ahead” Quest said about this partnership. To add value to the album, months after its first release – Quest decided to add two songs to the digital offering.

The Chrizo produced “Better Days” and the tear jerker “Walang Hanggan”. There are talks of adding more to this album later on this year and also the highly anticipated “So Amazing” song collaboration with UK’s own Joss Stone.

Now that this partnership is moving forward, Quest is in the midst of putting together a nationwide tour entitled Underdog Season independently. Scheduled stops are in Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Bacolod, Cebu, Batangas and a few more cities. He has also been tapped by various brands for projects in relation to his music expertise and has been known to build anthems over jingles. He keeps his integrity in music by continuously learning, questioning the norm and participating in nation building. He wants to use his story and music to help build a nation of champions.

When asked what’s next for him? He just simply said, “A Grammy!”

Listen to Quest – Life of A Champion Album:

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