Original Compositions by Kithara Then and Now

As we continue to feature Kithara as our artist of the month this August, let us take a look back first their previous music videos released.

To Move On,” one of the group’s early compositions is about being strong amidst sadness and pain. Embodying realizations and life lessons, the track is ultimately about letting go of a loved one. The song was inspired by a former flame, and this is great emotion burns with emotion. Although it could be interpreted in different ways and various levels, this Kithara track is a break up song. Edited by Boogs San Juan, the music video which dates back to late 2010 was shot in Talisay, Batangas. It is directed by the band’s vocalist, Pato San Juan. “To Move On” made it to the top of the Love Radio Isabela for four consecutive months in 2012!

The music video for their second single, “Pangarap ko’y Tayong Dalawa” was released in 2011. Shot in Mestidio Residence in Batangas, the video was directed by Pato San Juan with the help of Ree Sundiam. Another Kithara composition to have come out of Pato’s personal experiences, this track just brims with emotion as the acoustic band brings their vocal harmonies together.

Released in early 2012, “Should I leave You Now” tackles the feeling of doubt. Due to circumstances, Kithara weighs the worth of continuing to love someone and being stuck in a ‘stay’ or ‘let go’ situation. Entering the Pinoy MYX Countdown in 2012, the music video was produced by and it is directed by Frank Lloyd Mamaril.

In a change of pace, Kithara released their composition “Esquinita.” The song was written because a hangout venue they knew was closing down. The place evidently held special memories for them. More upbeat than their previous releases, Kithara’s songwriting is put to the test since this is in sharp contrast to their usual love songs. Nonetheless, they managed to sound just as sincere. Produced by Aaron Lao and Angela Chua Cheng, the video was shot in Alabat Island, Quezon.

Additionally, Kithara was also featured in the second season of Tower Sessions, the Youtube series maintained by the Tower of Doom Studios that features independent and established local artists. Here they are with another original “Payo.”

Watch out as Kithara, Gigs Manila’s Featured Artist of the Month, will soon release music video for their new song “My World is Your Love.” It will exclusively premiere here at Gigs Manila.