Papa Jack returns to Love Radio

Almost a month after he went off air, popular DJ Papa Jack or John Gemperle in real life returns to his radio show on Love Radio 90.7 Monday April 6, 2015.

Earlier on the day, Love Radio posted on its social media account teasers of someone who is coming back. While obvious that it is the popular DJ, it was later confirmed that indeed Papa Jack has come back when he was heard doing his well loved radio program “True Love Conversations or TLC” at 9pm.

The cover photo and profile pic of Papa Jack on TLC Facebook page also changes from the red square to Papa Jack’s photo and TLC’s logo minutes before the program went on air.

Avid listeners of Papa Jack warmly welcome his come back as thousands liked and commented on the Facebook page mostly saying their night will again be complete because they will now hear him again.

Gigsmanila reported last March 10, 2015 that Papa Jack resigned from Love Radio which was confirmed by an insider and by former DZRH anchor Ruth Abao-Espinosa. Since then, either Papa Jack or MBC/Love Radio hasn’t issued an statement regarding his absence on radio. And during his comeback today, Papa Jack still opted not to speak about his absence.

With his come back, does it mean Love Radio didn’t accept his resignation and just gave him the time and space? Gigsmanila leaves it to Papa Jack and Love Radio to answer.


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