Playlisted: Gilas Pilipinas

About a year ago, Philippines finally got out of the Korean Nightmare. After 30 years of heartaches after heartaches, Gilas Pilipinas ended the curse and was finally able to enter the FIBA World Championship in Spain.

Gilas Pilipinas is ranked 34 and is expected to finish on the tail-end of the delegates around the globe. The Philippine team’s first task was to face Croatia with two NBA players. It was expected that Croatia will cruise easily behind Gilas, but the boys definitely proved them wrong. Although finishing behind them, Gilas Pilipinas put on a good show. The game went into overtime and finished with Croatia ahead by just three points at 81-78. It deserves mention that Gilas was able to make an amazing play to come back from a 15-point deficit.

How fitting it is to give a tribute to our Gilas Pilipinas who are representing the entire nation and showing the world how big the Filipino heart is.

Sige lang – Quest

Keep on pushing forward. Be daring and aggressive in pursuing a dream or goal armed with hard work and the right attitude. An impossible goal, in no time, will not be far from reality. Gilas’ FIBA World Championship bid is like an impossible dream. Giving up was never an option and these men moved forward whether it was a defeat or a win, they moved forward with one goal in mind. After 36 years, the dream became a reality.