Pupil Releases 4th Album “Zilch”

After a quasi-hiatus of almost four years from the recording scene, rock band Pupil is back with their latest album “Zilch.” A press conference was held on March 26, 2015 at the Historia Bar and Restaurant in Quezon City for the said event.

Zilch deviates from the typical notion of a studio album since it was not put together entirely inside a recording studio. The group, consisting of Andrew “Dok” Sergio, Jerome VelascoWendell Garcia and Ely Buendia, decided rent a photography studio, put together some matresses and foam, and proceeded with the recording there to offer a new sound to their followers.

According to frontman Ely Buendia, what drove the band into the idea of a makeshift studio was that their desire to look for a distinct sound that is not present inside a recording studio. The former Erasherheads vocalist also quipped that if other musicians were given the chance to record outside the studio, they will do it without a doubt.

When asked how they make Pupil’s sound distinct from the other bands they are with, both past and present, lead guitarist Jerome Velasco was quick to answer that experience plays a big factor. He explained that through the course of time, they have learned and developed a sense of awareness to not sound like Teeth or Eheads or Oktaves or Barbie’s Cradle when they are with Pupil. Drummer Wendell Garcia also added that one has to respect the craft and the instrument and be fair with them whenever you are playing with different bands.

Out of Control” is Pupil’s first single from the album. “Zilch” is composed of ten tracks that fit an array of different moods. The album is released by MCA Music and can be bought from Astroplus and Odyssey. Zilch can also be downloaded via and iTunes. The album can also be streamed through, Spotify and Deezer.

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