Sebastian Castro Holds a Concert Unlike Any Other in Manila this August

Sebastian Castro will be performing in Manila’s F Club Philippines on August 15. After a successful show in London’s Two Brewers, Sebastian Castro brings his fun, sexy, and controversial gay-themed Bubble concert to Manila for the very first time.

The show is marked by colorful stage sets, sexy production numbers, quirky acting skits, endless costume changes, and in Sebastian Castro’s own words “the lip-synching voice every singer wishes he had.”

Philippine news organizations first began criticizing Sebastian Castro for his lip-synching back in April 2013 after his viral music video “Bubble.” Sebastian Castro responded to this via his social media accounts with a self-deprecating and witty remark: “But the worst singers make the best performers. Haven’t you ever seen a drag queen?”

Sebastian Castro has long made fun of his lip synching. Pretending to belt a high note to a pre-recording, he’ll pause to swig a beer half-sentence to crowds of laughter. With concert shows packing anywhere from 500 to 2,000 across international venues in Bangkok, Singapore, London, and now Manila, it would seem his fans would not have it any other way.

Still, the most surprising element of Sebastian Castro would have to be his lack of mainstream backing. Philippine showbiz is basically composed of three networks. While just about all major artists are contractually tied to either ABS-CBN, GMA, or TV5, Castro has created a sizable international online following (100,000+ Facebook fans, 70,000+ Twitter followers, 45,000+ Instagram followers). It would appear that this do-it-yourself approach may just be Sebastian Castro’s appeal.

Castro writes his own music, conceptualizes his own music videos, and even funds them himself. Recently, his fans have helped unburden him by funding his last music video through Kickstarter. Altogether, his fans have raised US$6,000 on their own so that Sebastian Castro could create his latest music video “You’re Gay.”

Sebastian Castro will be performing LIVE in Manila’s F Club Philippines on August 15. For tickets and reservations, please contact +639275516553. F Club Phillipines is located at E. Rodriguez Sr. corner Hemady Street, New Manila, 1204, Quezon City (In front of Hemady Square Mall).

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