Selena Gomez Shares a Snippet of a Possible New Song

While on her “Revival” tour, Popstar Selena Gomez already has plans to release her next song.

Before her performance in the stages of Manila, Selena took to Snapchat what seems like a snippet of a brand new song.

“Now I’m stained by you / Like a coffee ring upon this table, I’m unstable / I’m stained,” she sings. Selena also prefaced the snippet with, “getting impatient – want to share moreeee,” which gives us more hope that a new hit is indeed coming.

On June 24, Selena said that she was “Very Close” to releasing his next partnership with Interscope. However, last weekend, Selena shocked his fans when she said that she felt “extremely unauthentic, unconnected” to herself and her music.

Catch the snippet below and let us know what you think:

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