Sentido releases new MV for their latest track, “Tulad ng Dati”

Sentido is set to release their next single with music video produced by the students of Asia Pacific College entitled “Tulad ng Dati”.

Sentido literally means senses or feelings which sums up the group’s principle to provide music that comes from what the band feels: love, heartache, heartbreaks, frustrations and the like. The band’s music can be simply classified to alternative pop rock with a melodic melancholic ambient sound. Musically influenced by international artists like Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay, The Script, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, Taking Back Sunday, Acceptance, Foo Fighters, Yellowcard, Stephen Speaks, John Mayer and OPM classics: Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Bamboo, Sugarfree, Spongecola, Silent Sanctuary, Soapdish, Hale, Mayonnaise, Rico Blanco, Ebe Dancel and almost all the OPM bands including those acts from the independent scene.

In the midst of challenges in the members’ lineup and the trials encountered in the music scene, Sentido will continue to play music because it’s already part of every member’s life. The group is more than a band, for them Sentido is a family which will remain despite of the problems along the way.

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