Song Feature: Ambon – Barbie Almalbis (Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2016)

After thousand of entries, 15 finalists have been chosen and one of them is Nica Del Rosario’s ‘Ambon’ interpreted by Barbie Almalbis.

‘Ambon’ depicts a story of unrequited love of a woman to a man who cannot simply love her fully in return and yet he has a tendency to leave and break her heart anytime he wants; where indeed this song will have a great impact for those who had experience to love a person without being loved and not having the feeling of being secured in return.

As Barbie sings each and every line, anyone can feel what does the song would like to impose to them especially to this line:

“Paano ba patitilain ang bagyo, kung ang gusto mo lang ay ambon? Paano na ito?” a line where every person can relate to, how can you move on with your life when you’re still attached to someone who does not care that much into you? How can you have an ideal relationship when the person you love does not have a mutual feeling same as yours. Or more so someone who’s always with you but have someone else in heart and mind.

Indeed, Barbie has her own way of making every listener fall in love with her songs and be captivated with its lyrics that is truly magical.

Listening to this song makes you realize that you have fallen for someone that does not deserve your affection and time.

WATCH: Here’s the official music video of ‘Ambon.’


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Written by Judith Martin

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