Song Feature: Diamante – Morissette (Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2016)

OPM is synonymous with love songs, and Jungee Marcelo’s one of two entries to this year’s competition clearly shows the brilliance of a love song.

The song titled ‘Diamante,’ tells a story of searching for love and and when that love finally appeared, it shone like a diamond. The song is clearly an OPM staple as it talks about love, what elevates it more is the production of the song, which could be used as an original soundtrack for a film. It brings that era where original compositions where used as titles for movies.

Interpreted by Morrissette, the song’s title is given more credibility with the young diva’s clear delivery of the lyrics and ascension to the higher parts of the song. Morrissette gives the right emotion to the song’s story of searching for love and finding that love can be everlasting like a diamond.

Marcelo’s other entry in the competition ‘Monumento’ is interpreted by the country’s top R&B artists Kyla and Kris Lawrence. Putting the two songs side-by-side, it shows Jungee’s talent and love for OPM showing variety in lyricism while essentially talking about the same thing — how good it is to find love. In terms of commercial success, ‘Monumento’ may edge out ‘Diamanete’ basing it on the current EDM laced sound of OPM, but ‘Diamante’ may beat ‘Monumento’ in making it in the finals with its heartfelt lyrics and overall impact.

WATCH: Here’s the official music video of ‘Diamante’ by Jungee Marcelo interpreted by Morissette.


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Author: Miguel Antonio Laruesta

Freelance writer who listens to hipster music non-stop