Song Feature: If You Don’t Want to Fall – Jed Madela

Composer Jude Gitamondoc delivers yet another powerful ballad that truly embodies a theme that many young Filipinos can relate to in his Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 entry “If You Don’t Want to Fall.”

Interpreted by one of the country’s greatest balladeers, Jed Madela, the song may be described as a post-courtship song or what we might locally labelled as “kanta ng mga na-basted.”

“If you don’t want to fall for me / You don’t want to feel the need to be with me at all / Then there’s nothing else I could ever do / No words I could say to you to get me through the wall.”

Simple and easy to comprehend, “If You Don’t Want to Fall” is a classic OPM love song that has a two-part stanza and a heart-breaking refrain escalating to an engaging bridge with a couple of lines pleading for reconsideration.

“Nothing’s ever worth in my life no more / No one’s gonna make me feel just like before / Nothing’s gonna work, no one’s ever ever gonna do / Because there’s no one else but you.”

 Jude Gitamondoc started his professional career in Cebu as a songwriter in 2001. He has written a number of songs for well-loved OPM artists like Gary V., Ariel Rivera, Toni Gonzaga, Erik Santos, Nina, Aljur Abrenica, KC Concepcion, Juris, Piolo Pascual, and even the band Tanya Markova.

With more than a decade of songwriting experience, Jude knows what the Filipino heart really wants in a love song. And that makes “If You Don’t Want To Fall’ one of the strongest entries in this year’s ‘Himig Handog songwriting competition.

Also, broken-hearted individuals should not suffer with high-pitched and through-the-roof ‘birit’ songs to sing or listen to during their hour of great need. That’s why balladeer Jed Madela made the song simple enough for all of us to sing-along to.

 Jed Madela shares his thoughts about Jude Gitamondoc’s “If You Don’t Want To Fall”

GM: What was your initial reaction upon hearing the song that you’re interpreting for Himig Handog?

JM: I was supposed to be a judge again this year, but I got special requests to interpret this song. I told them I’d decide after I’ve heard the song. When I heard the demo of “IF YOU DONT WANT TO FALL”, one word… “Tears”.  I felt a tight feeling in my chest and that gave me no second thoughts on saying yes.

GM: Is this the first time you’re interpreting a song by Jude Gitamondoc? What was your impression of him?

JM: Yes. It’s my first time to interpret a song by Jude but I’ve heard many of his works. He is one amazing “mind and heart reader”! He puts whatever everyone feels into the right exact words.


GM: How different or similar is “If You Don’t Want To Fall” from the other songs you’ve interpreted?

JM: I have been tagged by people as the “male biritero” and most of my songs soar up high. This time, we didn’t need high notes for this song. It was plain, simple and straight to the point. Not much vocal calisthenics. Just pure heart and emotion.


GM: What one line, word or paragraph in the song strikes you as memorable, compelling or you can relate to and why?

JM: “If you don’t want to fall for me, You don’t want to feel the need to be with me at all. Then there’s nothing else I could ever do. No words I could say to you to get me through the wall. If you don’t want to fall.” The entire chorus just says it all. The total surrender of giving up what could’ve been.

Jed Madela is currently recording a new album with Star Records. The album is slated for release by the end of the year or early next year. He is also touring and doing concerts all over the country and all over the world.