Song Feature: Halik sa Hangin – Ebe Dancel & Abra

“Ang ikli ng panahon ng binigay sa ‘min, pag-ibig na para lang isang halik sa hangin.” Sugarfree frontman-turned-solo-artist, Ebe Dancel, started with that first line that embraces dark and gloomy vibes felt throughout the song. He teams up with the in-demand young rapper, Abra, to interpret “Halik sa Hangin,” a heart-rending composition written by David Dimaguila, as one of the finalists of Himig Handog PPop Love Songs 2014.

This is one of the slow sad songs that made it to the top 15. The song tackles circumstances about a relationship that lasts in a short period of time, but still hoping and asking for a second chance. Abra’s part added intense heartbreaking lines, as he raps, “Napasakit ng dinaranas ko ngayong / para bang ako’y sinaksak at sa puso ko’y binaon / Ang pinakamahaba at makalawang na balisong,” then with “Hindi ko na yata talaga kaya manatiling ganito naubusan na’ko ng luha umiiyak ng dugo.” This is different from his previous hits that feature fast-paced hiphop rap yet he still hits the listeners with a good rhythm. Both Ebe and Abra successfully delivered the song with a sincere emotion that listeners can feel how awful the situation is.