Song Feature: Hindi Wala – Juris

“Ilang milyong hindi’t wala na ang narinig ko Awang awa na ako sa aking puso Pero di ko kayang hindi umibig sayo”

The lines of “Hindi Wala,” composed by singer Nica del Rosario, packs a punch of excruciating pain. Anyone who will listen to this song will feel the agony of a broken heart while the brain is helpless to do anything but agree. Del Rosario, who has collaborated as a performer with notable local acts like Spongecola, just might have found the right key to the doors of opportunities with this composition, one of the 15 Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 201 finalists.

Juris, former lead singer of acoustic group MYMP, who also became successful as a solo artist, gave life to the song with her soulful vocals. If you’re a fan of Juris’ hit single “Hindi Lang,” another song about letting go, you’ll definitely have to listen to soulful rendition of “Hindi Wala.”

Imagine yourself being so in love with someone but you can’t be with him or her because of so many reasons that clearly points to direction of “No.” That situation is probably one of the saddest moments in anyone’s life. If you have yet to experience such pain and you are curious to have a taste, your instant access to gloomy moments is presented to you by listening to “Hindi Wala,” a song that is so sad and so true.

“Hindi ko na alam kung ano ang gagawin / Gumuho ang lahat ng pangarap nang mabatid / Na wala na tayong pag-asang mabalik.” These words spell dead end for any lover who still hopes that there is a chance to be with the one he truly loves. Why would anyone be interested to listen to a sad song like this? Because the lyrics tell a story. It tells the truth that sometimes we really have to say goodbye.

But of course if it’s “hindi wala” today, you can hope for that “oo meron” tomorrow.

If ever this song wins the top prize of the song festival this year, Lady Luck would indeed prove to be on Del Rosario’s side. “Hindi Wala” was not part of the first list of finalists until the Himig Handog secretariat announced the disqualification of finalist Mary Grace Gabor, after finding out that her song entry entitled “7 Minutes” is not her original composition but another composer’s.