Song Feature: Pumapag-Ibig – Marion Aunor

Pumapag-ibig” features an interesting wordplay on the modern everyday terms that Pinoys use. We conjugate nouns as if they were verbs. We like to invent words and play with the language to add more spice to the way we talk to each other. Knowing this while listening to Jungee Marcelo’s Himig Handog entry for the first time will make anyone feel comfortable and relate to the song in an instant.

The song is light and catchy and jives well with its quirky lyrics. Jungee Marcelo did an excellent job of reeling the listeners in, especially the young ones who are more familiar with social media and the language that prevails in it. If anything else, this song should place at the top three for its mass appeal coupled with superb songwriting sensibility.

Marion Aunor’s husky and sweet vocals help the song become more radio-friendly. Her distinctive sound makes the song more memorable to its listeners. She gives off a feeling as if she’s talking to her friends about how it is to fall in love. She describes the series of events and funny nuggets of stories about the joys of being in love. The short little scenarios of how we act when in love are accentuated by her voice. “Pumapag-ibig” is light and sweet without being sappy or corny, making the listener want to fall in love.