Song Feature: Umiiyak ang Puso – Bugoy Drilon

Another sad love song. Another anthem for the broken heart. “Umiiyak ang Puso” is Rolando “Ronnie” Azor’s entry that made it to the top 15 of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014.

The composition and the guitar start off with the solemnity of a worship song. Bugoy Drilon tender vocals deliver the story of one that was left behind. The grief is given a voice as it dwells on sentimentality. As with most sad songs, “Umiiyak ang Puso” focuses more on the emotion without going into the specifics of the story. All we know is that the source of pain is a failed relationship, of someone left by a lover for someone else. This can be good or bad depending on listener preference. The generic approach to the theme makes it relatable to more people, but the lack of story details can make it seem unremarkable to others, especially when compared to songs of a similar theme.

Nevertheless, the sincerity and the gravity of the romantic misfortune come out on top. Although towards the end the vocals make the song seem like it is a heart screaming in pain, as a whole “Umiiyak ang Puso” remains the whisper of a teardrop about to fall.