Song Feature: Walang Basagan Ng Trip – Jugs and Teddy

The noontime show duo Jugs and Teddy collaborated to give life to the song that matches their playful personalities. The two joined together in the rendition “Walang Basagan ng Trip,” the lively entry by Eric De Leon in the Himig Handog PPop Love Songs  2014.

The song tackles different kinds of scenarios typical in today’s generation wherein someone can freely do whatever they want to regardless of what it might take. This song is the perfect jam for members of Generation Y composed generally by the youth. They are the same people who are exposed to and enliven social media by exercising their freedom of expression. Neither about being in love nor telling the pain that romance causes, “Walang Basagan ng Trip” is just a song conveying a very clear sentiment: you can’t please everyone.

Even if in the case that this song does not win the top prize, it ’will surely create noise in the local radio music charts. It can also possibly be used as a soundtrack for a movie or for a TV commercial.

Among other finalists, this is the only pop-rock track. The tune is light and infectiously cheerful – the kind that makes you want to dance and sing along, leaving an LSS (last song syndrome) effect in your head. The mention of the the title in the song gets a little repetitive after a while. If you find if too persistent or annoying, remind yourself of the song’s title: Walang Basagan ng Trip.  Is it also the reason why this song, one that is not inherently a love song, is included as a finalist in a songwriting competition that explicitly says “love songs” in its name?