Song Review: +63 – Spongecola featuring Yeng Constantino

Spongecola fans have long sought after a new collaboration from the Pinoy pop-rock band to bring their music a fresh new feel. And with “+63” it has finally become a reality with the help of Yeng Constantino.

Despite being from different labels, Spongecola under Universal Records and Yeng with Star Records, both acts share the love of pop-rock. Spongecola has done a lot of musical experiments and collaborations, many of which have been successful yet quite risky in terms of theme. The band now experiments with a whole new sound as the track brings together Yeng’s mellow tune and Yael’s strong emotional beat.

The result is a catchy contrast of both voices speaking of a similar theme – a long-distance relationship. Overseas workers and immigrants would find it easy to relate to the song as the song recounts their sad situation of being far away from their loved ones. Moving is the perfect description of the song, while the lyrics bring a poetic interpretation to the harsh reality of loving from across the seas.

As their first collaboration, they used their unique tones to bring fans together and provide the drama of far away lovers. It does have its tone similarities with the previous songs of Spongecola but Yeng’s contribution provides a new texture.

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Written by Florencio Jusay Jr.

Known as FPJ to his peers started, is also an industrial engineer, comic artist, and graphic artist. The love of music helps him keep his creative side and appreciation of the arts.

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