SONG REVIEW: Aba Bakit Hindi? – Nadine Lustre

Aba Bakit Hindi?” by Nadine Lustre shrugs off the need for a reason to fall in love with someone, even if that someone seems unacceptable to family and friends. The verses identify the guy as arrogant, grumpy, and crazy. These negative traits of the male love interest is too similar to the one described in the album’s third track “Mr. Antipatiko,” that the succeeding track “Aba Bakit Hindi?” becomes a musical and thematic sequel to the former.

Andami nilang hindi makaintindi / At ang tanong nila ay bakit / Aba’y bakit hindi?” While the last lines of the chorus would seem romantic, saying that other people does not understand her love for the guy, the same lines also expose that the girl does not understand it as well. Her only explanation is summed up by the song title, which is a Filipino expression people often use as a carefree excuse for doing something they can’t explain.

Ironically, near the two-minute mark, the song declares “Kahit ba gan’to / di naman kasi / pabasta-basta na lang kung umiibig.” These lines feel out of place as the words imply that love is not something simplistic in nature, that there is a significant reason to fall in love, while the rest of the song dismisses the attempt to find reason for falling in love, perhaps with a thought that the reason is unimportant.

The track employs a lot of repeated syllables, resulting in assonance, that make the song stick better to memory and sound as youthful as Nadine Lustre. The refreshing and bouncy R&B-laced pop beat is sure to worm its way into the ears of a willing music listener. This would seem to be the trademark of the songwriting duo Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana, who were also responsible for most of the hits released by Viva artists like Sarah Geronimo’s “Ikot” and “Kilometro.”

Aba Bakit Hindi?” comes from Nadine Lustre’s 2014 self-titled five-track EP released by Viva Records.

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