Song Review: Araw Araw – Dello featuring Jaq Dionisio

FlipTop’s rebuttal king Dello, Wendell Gatmaintan in real life, has released a music video for his song “Araw-araw”. This is the second track from his album Prototype released in 2013.

Simplicity is Dello’s nature. He utilizes street lingo as a form of expression through his lyrics. Dello’s showcases his skills thoughtout the single with his syllabication and mid-word rhyming that made him distinctive among other rappers. During the verse before the bridge, he also creates half-second pauses in the middle of a four-bar setup. He has abrupt repetitions that make it tricky for a regular person to mimic his talent.

The song and the music video feature Kiss Jane’s frontwoman, Jaq Dionisio. She and her bridge twisted the song’s message by saying that though every day is normal, being with the person you love makes it every day special.