Song Review: Balikbayan (Ngayo’y Nandito Ka) – Uppercase Band

Nostalgia. This song brings back memories from the mid to late 90s band explosion. This song would have been perfect for the Tunog Kalye series, a series of compilation album released by a local radio station featuring local bands.

In a time when bands are going wild on electronics and synthesizers, the Uppercase Band went back to the roots by going with an acoustic feel. Simplicity is their strength. This added a certain transcendence to the song.

A song about friendship and the feel of seeing each other again and going back to the good old days, the song starts slowly. It’s like drinking wine. At first you might find it damp, but it gets better and better as you go with it. It starts to build up after the first stanza. This may be a long build-up for a song, but it works well for them in this particular song.

The only caveat is that new ears might shy away due to the long build-up. Nonetheless, even with a slow start, it managed to end strongly. Just like good wine, you might not like it at first, but it kicks you if you hang on to it up to the last drip.

The Uppercase Band is composed of Canada-based Filipino musicians wjo are proud of their roots. They are Jason Alba on piano and keyboards, Allan Lagat on bass guitar, Mark de Leon on guitars and vocals, Joey Giagonia on lead guitars, and Geoffrey Vitug on drums.