Song Review: Beautiful – Abby Asistio

The singer, songwriter and TV host Abby Asistio redefines the meaning of beauty with her self-penned single called “Beautiful”. Arranged by Jay Durias of South Border, the song speaks about encouragement, inspiration and tells that true beauty lies inside.

The song may be considered as Abby’s love letter to her younger self. It also lends itself well as a song for anyone dealing with any form of disability, and who always feel dismay, insecurity and discouragement. “Show the world who you are… believe in your heart you can go far.” As Abby sings from her heart, this line will surely move listeners to think differently, to think positively.

In terms of its heartfelt music video, the entire shot was focused only on her face and her bold bald head, with a simple gray gradient background. Behind the lines, it seems she’s saying, “It’s me, the song is written by me, the song is sung by me, and it’s all about uplifting myself… talking to myself before.” Her tear-filled eyes mirror not just a strong emotion of saying she felt the song, it’s also just like, “Woohoo! I surpassed my darkest days and now it’s about to change. Rock on!

The music video released last February 2014 was directed by Joaquin Valdes.