Song Review: Out of Control – Pupil

Pupil, fronted by rock icon Ely Buendia, has released their latest creation “Out of Control.” A launch party slash mini-concert was held in 12 Monkeys in Makati. This happened three years after their last project 20/20 in 2011.

This is the result of the World Tour by Eraserheads wherein all four members of the now defunct E-heads got their separate bands playing in North America in 2012 and Asia in 2013. The world offered music that ranged beyond what the E-heads’ ex-frontman had. This served as a trigger for Ely Buendia’s reinvention.

“Out of Control” offers a different sonic experience from what listeners are used to hearing. The band approaches a sci-fi techno sound compared to the rock music Pupil has been offering since 2006. While the band was named after the part of the eye where light enters, ‘pupil’ is also another word for a student or an apprentice. Not all pupils behave as their mentor would have them behave. Some will take another route and go out of control. This unrestrained behavior can be heard in the track as suggested by its beat and the way the bass and guitars flow in after a few rounds of drums.