Song Review: Gloc 9’s Payag

It is very seldom that you stumble upon a song that can hit you in multiple levels. More so, the artist’s genre creates no hindrance in communicating the message across. You do not need to be a hip-hop or a rap fan to appreciate Gloc-9’s latest offering, Payag.

In a time when everyone has a say on about anything, Gloc-9 poetically and lyrically wakes us with Payag. Gloc-9 did this in not-so-subtle yet poignantly written lines like “halina sa lugar kung saan masaya lahat ng kawatan” or accusing lines like “kahit na dinoktor ang lahat ng detalye / lagi syang napagbibigyan.” His courage in evoking our angst and disgust in the prevailing system makes Payag rise.

A Gloc-9 song is not complete without his insane analogies that will make any poet envious yet would admire a hip-hop royalty like Gloc-9. Only a genius can think of matatamis na salita and compare it to latik na di niluto sa gata. Simply telling us that their (whoever are in the position higher than ours, not just politicians) words are not complete, shallow and not real.

A poet in me is screaming—“I would have thought of that first!”

The most interesting feature of Payag is not just the entertainment value of the song. The higher level of Payag poses a very timely question that no other song in our generation dared to ask. Why do we always agree? Why can’t we say no? Why can’t we be more vigilant and question those who are in power? Our generation already has the tools and yet why do we remain complacent? In fact the song ends ambivalently inquiring if it might be our fault by just nodding, in accepting without defiance. Reminding us of the old saying, “walang abusado, kung walang nagpapa-abuso.”

Payag is not just another hip-hop song or just another Gloc-9 hit. It is something we need to wake up and be prepared for next year when we will again choose our leaders. We hope to hear more songs like this. Evoking yet entertaining. Inspiring and enabling.


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Written by Ed Padillo

is a social worker who loves to sing and writes poetry and other stuff.

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