Song Review: Habulan – The Dawn

In The Dawn’s latest release “Habulan,” Jet Pangan sings about a man exhausted of chasing and loving a person and just wanting to end it. In contrast to the track’s theme, Pangan’s voice is healthy, young, and could give young band vocalists a run for their gigs. His voice has not aged from the time he started fronting for the band in 1986.

Habulan” may be about being forlorn but the upbeat tempo will deceive and make listeners jam and feel good calling it quits, getting tired of loving. The song also sounds different from one of their better-known songs like “Enveloped Ideas,” which has a British, trippy, The Cure-influenced sound. “Habulan” sounds like an organic OPM song. Employing synthesizers as a major sound identification in the song makes it catchier and gives innovativeness to a legendary band like The Dawn. Longing for that love and slowly getting exhausted fighting the good fight has never sounded this good.