Song Review: This Love Is Like – Toni Gonzaga

This Love Is Like,” a synth-heavy dance-ready track, is a refreshing release from Toni’s usual repertoire of romantic (to the point of sappiness) love songs from her movies. While “This Love is on Air” can work well as a club banger, the song is more of a song of worship. Toni, a member of the Methodist Church, co-wrote the song with seasoned composer and music producer Jonathan Manalo.

DJ and music producer KidWolf did well in delivering a steady stream of energy via the track’s storm of electronic beats. In fact, if a listener did not know who Toni Gonzaga was, they would have thought this to be an international release as the sound can be compared to Katy Perry’s employment of pop and EDM sensibilities.

The lyrics, while generally well-written, have a few spots that felt unclear. “I feel your supernatural,” the hook proclaims only to leave what seems to be an adjective hanging. Your supernatural what? It would be pushing the envelope to say that this is an example of artistic license, just so it could rhyme with the next line which ends with another word that does not provide a clearer message to the former. It is a good thing that Toni as a vocalist is able to convey the emotion that the lyrics of that section lacks. A less capable vocalist wouldn’t have been able to do the same. The verses actually are better written than the hook: “I am mortal, you’re eternal. I am bound to limitations. But there is something in between us that is giving me the freedom.

This may be Toni Gonzaga’s most sophisticated single to date. It is more or less certain that she will continue to spew out tired old ballads revived from decades past as the mainstream industry may probably have her do as a TV personality-slash-actress-slash-recording-artist. However, there will always be fans of the singer in Toni Gonzaga who can only hope that she continues down the solid road of genuine artistry that “This Love is on Air” is taking her.

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