Song Review: Maps – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has just dropped their latest song “Maps,” the first single from their fifth album simply called “V.” The album is scheduled to make impact on the 2nd day of September via Interscope Records. Co-written by songwriting bigwigs Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder and Adam Levine, the song premiered on iHeartRadio just this Monday morning.

The song does not hit as immediately in the way the band past hit “Payphone” did two years ago. Signature Levine vocals are ever-present on top of a beat that is reminiscent of Ke$ha. Some parts like the chorus sound like a sonic relative to her 2011 hit “Blow.” Is it because Benny Blanco was also behind some of Ke$ha’s work like 2010’s “TikTok”?

The song explores the sadness of a lost relationship as it grooves over dance elements, which has become modern trend in pop music. The song keeps on playing and it becomes a bit too trite, disappointing those that expect a more radio-friendly sound. The chorus does not explode; it just simmers, and well, just simmers, neither getting too good nor too bad. It sounds a bit different compared to older Maroon 5 hits. The song is not as impressive but will still manage to excite fans for the band’s new album.

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