Song Review: Nais Kong Malaman Mo – Ken Chan

From the original song from seventies band ‘Boyfriends’ and revived by Manilyn Reynes and Keempee de Leon, Starstuck avenger Ken Chan takes a shot on singing “Nais Kong Malaman Mo” as part of his foray into the recording industry. The song is his carrier single and is part of the second album of Bea Binene’s “Dito Sa Puso Ko” under PolyEast Records where he also recorded a duet with her.

Ken’s version has a different feel by having a more laidback tone and relaxed melody. There is also a feeling of nostalgia hinted at in some parts like the short static sound at the start and its tone similarities to the original song. The song did create its modern appeal with its simplicity of the theme, however it seems to be in a safe range where it loses its permanence or recall.

As Ken Chan’s first venture into singing, “Nais Kong Malaman Ko” does leave a good impression for a new artist but not as exceptional as one would dare hope. He does have vocal potential but still has a lot to work on, and this song will be a peg of comparison for future songs.