Song Review: Nasaan Ka – IntroVoys

The Voys are back. Well, technically they never left. The IntroVoys is an alternative band formed in the mid-80s whose biggest break came in 1992 when the band became known for songs like “Line To Heaven,” “Di Na Ako Aasa Pa,” and “Will I Survive.”

Like everything else, the IntroVoys’ fame started to decay over the years but the band members never really left the music scene. Now, original members Jonathan Buencamino, Paco Arespacochaga and 3rd-G Cristobal are joined by bassist JD Dela Paz and Art Pangilinan on keyboards.

Their new single “Nasaan Ka” was released as a digital track last May 12. The track is off their upcoming studio album “Where We Left Off.” The pop ballad was written by Jonathan Buencamino and Paco Arespacochaga. A love song through and through, the track would be a probable candidate for the next teleserye theme song.

The arrangement is very modern, a far cry from their 1992 releases and yet you can still distinguish the distinctive vocals from Jonathan Buencamino. In fact, one can say that this new single is a classic mainstream IntroVoys song. Ending with a beautifully executed guitar and piano solo, the song is simple, straightforward and mushy.

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IntroVoys Nasaan Kana Song Review