Song review: Salamat Po – Parokya ni Edgar

“Salamat Po,” as the title obviously declares, is a tribute song. The song is a tribute to the higher power and to Parokya ni Edgar’s followers. Although not as catchy as their previous songs, the simply-put lyrics and the toned-down melody will hit a thing or two for die-hard PNE fans.

The four-chord progression and simply-penned lyrics are PNE signatures. These have done wonders for them in the past and continue to do so in this track. The band’s simplicity and down-to-earth demeanor are their biggest strengths.

It becomes apparent that Parokya ni Edgar likes the sand. The music video for “Salamat Po” is probably the band’s fourth beach- or at least water-themed video. Unlike the previous ones though, “Salamat Po” seems like a clip they took spontaneously during one of their trips.

Nonetheless, Salamat Po is neither a poor song nor a great one. Like the band’s hits “Gitara” or “Inuman Na,” this song is intended for drinking sessions or hangouts.