Song Review: Seenzoned – Yeng Constantino

Since winning the grand prize in Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1 up to her current stature in the Philippine music industry as the Pop-rock Princess, Yeng has proven to be one of the most sought-after singer-performers in the country today.

After the success of her song “Chinito” from her album “Metamorphosis,” Yeng is back with a track entitled “Seenzoned” under the Academy of Rock’s The Next Step Vol. 2 album. The song tells the story of a girl and her unrequited love. The title “Seenzoned” is a term used by the Facebook generation that refers to doing something without being responded to.

Light and catchy, “Seenzoned” is no different from Yeng’s other songs. The song comes with easy to recall lines, a finger snapping beat, and the mainstream pop sound that draws mass appeal. It also offers the same “oomph” and “kick” factor that will definitely capture not only the listener’s ears but also their imagination. The composers Fritz Rivera and Rodrigo Tan were right in weaving the lyrics and melody to that effect because that is Yeng’s comfort zone, her signature in a way. Just like her previous songs “Time-in,” “Pangarap Lang,” “Babay,” and “Chinito,” “Seenzoned” again marks her territory in the rom-com/pop-rock novelty genre. This kind of music sits well with her bubbly personality. Her youthful and fresh vibe is the reason she has become a hit with the younger listeners, not to mention the one who are young-at-heart.

In terms of the music video, the director did a great job in visualizing the story of the song. Yeng is very effective in dramatizing the story and how she pulled off the last part of the song with spunk. The director also made a great effort in creating different dimensions of the music video given the fact that it was shot entirely in just one location. It definitely captured the character of the song – hip, cool and fun.

Generally, the song has a strong flavor that can really hit the listeners. It’s another Yeng song that will definitely create an impact with her fans and other music lovers.