Song Review: Telepono – Mitsa

The band Mitsa sings about the journey of love in their single “Telepono.” The lyrics go introspective as it marvels at how love starts between two people. It is the story of every couple when they recount how their journey of love started.

Kung di kinuha aking numero, Kung di ako tinawagan.” The song puts the telephone in the spotlight, giving it a throwback feel to the good old days when people actually talked on phones for hours, falling in love with each other through their voices and stories of how their days went. This is in sharp contrast to today’s world where a Facebook like or a tweet can spark those moments of love between two people.

The band’s vocalist has that Pinoy alternative rock sound with the right amount of grit and sweetness in her tone. It gives the song a woman’s perspective of the love story minus the sappy vocals. The faint grit in her voice gives another layer of dimension to the song that could be considered as a love song. This could very well be a good choice of a song for a couples’ theme song, and maybe even for a wedding.