SoundCloud Philippines celebrates 2nd year anniversary

Dubbed “Summer Soundwaves 2”, Soundcloud Philippines community re-united again to celebrate their 2nd year anniversary, Saturday and Sunday May 2-3, 2015.

Packed with enthusiasm and love for fun and music, SoundCloud Philippines members trooped to Terazas de Teodora Resort in Sta. Rosa City Laguna last weekend to celebrate 2 years of musical collaboration and brotherly friendship.

Before the event, SCPhils members who registered to join were divided into 5 teams, Orange Drums, Blue Guitars, Red Vox, Green Base and Yellow Keys. These teams were then matched with each other in different sets of game.

On the first day, a cheering competition was held at the resort’s pavilion. The 5 teams were given a maximum of 3 minutes to perform each cheers they prepared. Camaraderie and comic nature of the members where seen during the cheering competition as each team pull funny antics and comedic performances to impress the facilitators/judges.






After the cheering competition, SCPhils members were treated to their own version of The Amazing Race, “The Rhapsody Run.” In this game, each teams were given 10 tasks to solve in the fastest manner possible. The first team to finish all the tasks in the shortest time will get the highest point to be aggregated to their points from other games.

The Rhapsody Run was the highlight of the event as team cooperation and collaboration were clearly shown. An achievement unlocked as it was the core of the community’s values and mission.

WATCH: Here’s the videos of the fun filled SCPhils 2nd anniversary celebration

SCphils SS2 team orange from Dennis Robin Umandap on Vimeo.

The event was capped off by the announcement of winners the next day, with lots of videoke singing, dancing and picture taking.

SoundCloud Philippines is the largest community of Filipino Soundclouders in the country and abroad. It takes pride of having members like KZ Tandingan, Kiko Salazar, Daryl Ong and The Voice Philippines Season 2 Grand Champion Jason Dy.

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