SpongeCola launches EP Sinag/Tala with more songs

Sponge Cola continues to make waves from one OPM generation to another as they formally unveil their double EP record under Universal Records recently at the Teatrino in Promenade Greenhills.

Dubbed as Sinag/Tala Double EP Launch, fans were treated to a very special evening. Yael Yuzon, Gosh Dilay, Erwin Armovit, and Tmac Cruz, intimately made way with acoustics (and a bit of percussion) and took over the musicality, paired of course with modestly fun spiels in between songs.

At one point, Yael even performed from the balcony level of Teatrino for the song Butterflies.

Also spotted at the event were session players for keyboards, violins, and their additional guitarist for the evening, former drummer Chris Cantada.

For two hours, the band played 16 songs, including their latest single Coda.. And just when everyone thought it was all over, Sponge Cola serenaded everyone with their popular version of Crazy For You and another classic, Una.

Despite the rainy weather and the horrendous traffic in the metro, the band was very thankful for the support that everyone gave just to make it to the venue.

Sponge Cola also shared the story behind why they are launching a double EP.

“When we were coming up with the set list, we realized it doesn’t really making sense. Because some songs are insanely happy and some songs are so sad, that it’s hard to come up with that list. So we split the album in half for storytelling purposes,” Yael Yuzon told GigsManila.

“It’ s much easier to have one CD of happy songs and one CD of generally sadder songs. Basically, this will lead to eventually a bunch of other EPs with bunch of bite-sized themes. Even for people who always like to wait for our releases and really buy our albums, it’s easier or them to buy it kasi mura.” he added.

Asked what’s next for Sponge Cola, Yael said it will be an interesting ride with the band playing in  other countries before the year ends, including a Canadian tour in November.

“Basically, it’s gonna be a fun and interesting ride all over the world, all over the Philippines, all over the Internet. Because today’s age, you can perform from a cellphone. So it’s always been our thing; be all over. So here we go.” Yael concluded.

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