WATCH: Star Music unveils official song for the 2015 Papal Visit to the Philippines

Star Music unveils Tuesday September 17, the official theme song for the 2015 Papal Visit to the Philippines.

With the lyrics written by Jamie Rivera and music composed and arranged by Noel Espenida, the song entitle “We Are All God’s Children” will be the official song of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines this coming January 2015.

The song talks about kindness and humility towards our fellow men. It also calls on being one with the weak, the poor and the needy because after all we are all the same in the eyes of God, as the song title suggests “We Are All God’s Children”.

Jamie dubbed as the “Inspirational Diva” is also known for other Christian songs like the “Jubilee Song” which became the official theme song of the Catholic Church’s Jubilee celebration. She is also the person behind the song “Heal Our Land” which is oftenly used or played in times of national tragedy or disaster.

Just like other Catholic songs “Tell the World of His Love” and “Jubilee Song”, We Are All God’s Children was also choreographed with actions and gestures created by Landa Juan.

Here’s the official action video of the Papal Visit theme song “We Are All God’s Children”.

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