Tarsius – Deathless Gods (Live)

If you’re into electronic music, Deathless Gods is the right piece for you. Although not as catchy or edgy compared to mainstream electronica, it will not bore your ear out. The changes in pattern and beats were baked in perfectly.

The live version is different from the album version. Changing lanes from the studio album is risky but rewarding at the same time. Regardless of changes, you can tell that Tarsius is doing it for themselves and not for the audience or target listeners. They create and play music to enjoy and not to impress which is very admirable.

Deathless Gods is perfect for an intimate kind of party or show. The beat is best felt with a smaller crowd, not heavy, just right. Carrying a conversation with this music will not be an issue. However, Diego Mapa should be cautious in making such beats because there is a big possibility that it might be mistaken for a Pedicab track.

Tarsius consists of Diego Mapa and Jay Gapasin. Both came from local bands Pedicab and Radio Active Sago Project, respectively.

Tarsius’ sound is heavily influenced by electronic music with a fusion of dance, hip-hop, house and alternative dance.

Mapa and Gapasin met in 2006 while touring and decided to collaborate because of their love for electronic music. However, due to other commitments and schedule conflicts, they only reconnected in 2011 and decided to formally conceive Tarsius.

Deathless Gods is the first track of their debut 10-track album, Primate, which was released in 2012.