Time Magazine Named Mariah Carey the ‘Ultimate Pop Star of All Time’

Neither Rihanna nor Madonna, it is Mariah Carey, who was crowned as the Ultimate Pop Star of all time by Time Magazine.

Time looked at every song that has been in the Billboard Top 10 since 1960 then outlines every major artist. Appropriate points were assigned and ranks the artists based on the number of hits, chart placement, longevity and how long those musicians’ careers have lasted.

TIME has calculated that the R&B diva, who brought with the total of 1,901 points, topping the list with the longest, most enduring and consistently successful career among other pop stars. The infographic showed Mariah’s best year to be 2005 when she released the singles “We Belong Together,” “Don’t Forget About Us,” and “Shake It Off,” that made her to earned 341 points.

Other artists that made it into the Top 10 are Rihanna, Usher, The Beatles, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry.

Check‘s ‘The Ultimate Ranking of Pop Stardom’ interactive infographic to see how other musicians ranks and battle against one another.

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