TJ Monterde releases second album featuring new single “Imahinasyon”

Acoustic balladeer TJ Monterde has officially released his second self-titled album under Polyeast Records. Launched last May 22, 2016 the new album is a collection of all-Filipino pop-influenced melodies.

I’ve always wanted to release an all-original and all-Filipino album and I even included a Bisaya (Cebuano) song which is also my mother tongue,” said TJ.

With it’s launch, TJ has also released the album’s first single “Imahinasyon,” which is currently receiving notable acclaim and attention online, on radio and a music video which depicts romantic interest on YouTube and MYX Music Channel.

According to TJ “Imahinasyon” is a song for all the “torpes” out there and explains “Alam mo yung…sobrang gusto mo, pero pag andyan na, di ka na makagalaw. Sobrang madaming makakarelate sa song na ‘to, specially yung mga mahal sila ng mahal nila, ngunit sa panaginip lang.

Aside from the carrier single, the album also features four original tracks including a Bisaya (Cebuano) song titled “Kung Siya Man”; soulful balladry “Dating Tayo”; an acoustic version of the hit single “Tulad Mo; and a sweet strum-along duet with TJ’s real-life girlfriend KZ Tandingan in “Ikaw at Ako pa Rin”;

Gigsmanila had a chance to talk to TJ about his new album and he shared how it differs from his first one. He also shared how he and KZ are defending each other and their relationship.

Here’s Gigsmanila’s conversation with TJ Monterde in full.

GM: If your previous album was inspired by KZ Tandingan during your courtship, who’s your inspiration in this one?

TJ: With this one, some are old experiences but most of them are from friends who tell me their stories. I love to listen to my friends stories, specially when it’s a bit heartbreaking, ewan ko, parang ang sarap kumanta ng medyo masakit. Weird.

GM: How different are the songs included in this album to your previous songs? 

TJ: First up, this album is all original. Second, it’s all tagalog/bisaya. Lastly, siguro mas macoconsider kong mas binigyan namin ng pansin tong album na ito, mas binigyan ng oras, panahon at effort. Im not saying na passive lang yung una, pero mas higit lang talaga dito. Knowing na 5 songs lang sya.

GM: You and KZ are both good song writers, do you plan to come-up with a collaboration album?

TJ: Collaboration album sound good! But no talks about that as of the moment, medyo iba kasi yung style of music namin e. But that sounds pretty interesting tho! With the duet naman na sinulat namin dito sa album, medyo nakisabay si KZ sa acoustic vibe ko.

GM: On a personal note, do you feel insecure that KZ is more popular in the music industry than you?

TJ: Uhm, [tbh], minsan there’s pressure, mas kilala siya and all. But, I really think it depends on your partner kung pano niya ihahandle din, with KZ, Im so thankful kasi never niyang pinafeel sa akin yan. When we go out, pinapakilala niya pa nga ako and she has always been proud, as I am to her also. At sa mga issues na ganyan, we defend each other palagi. So thankful for her.


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