Top 10 Most Influential Pinoy Bands of the 90’s

The 90’s was such a blast for the Philippine music industry, most especially for local bands.

Pinoy bands were all around the place at that time. Anyone can go, any time, from Mayric’s to Club Dredd to Yosh Cafe where you can see a band performing.

Pinoy bands also ruled the Philippine airwaves. Radio stations play at least 4 OPM songs every hour. And there was even a radio station solely dedicated to Pinoy rock band scene, and no it’s not NU107.

That being said, let Gigs Manila bring back the nostalgia and list the Top 10 most influential Pinoy bands of the 90’s with their most memorable songs that shaped and paved the way to today’s very rocking  music industry.

1. Introvoys – Line to Heaven

Released in 1993, Line To Heaven was penned and sang by Paco Arespacochaga, one of the forming members and drummer of the band.  In an interview he said that the song was as tribute to his parents he lost tragically. Although, the band had previous hits like “Di Na Ako Aasa Pa” and “Will I Survive,” Line to Heaven was their ultimate ticket to stardom. Due to its success, the song stemmed out to a movie, a commercial jingle, and Paco’s son to his former partner, Geneva Cruz. Introvoys was formed in 1986 by Arespacochaga, Jonathan Buencamino, 3rd G Cristobal, and Ira Cruz.

2. After Image – Next In Line

This song literally controlled both the airwaves and graduations when it was released in 1992. If there’s a category among music awards for best graduation song, Next in Line would replace Raymond Lauchengo’s Farewell. On a more serious note, this Wency Cornejo pop ballad depicts every youth’s dilemma of the future– on what really lies beyond.

3. Teeth – Laklak

Let’s get this straight, Teeth is just Teeth, not The Teeth nor The Teeth Band, just plain Teeth. Laklak was Teeth’s carrier single in their 1995 self-titled album, and most probably the second most recognized song of the 90s trailing Pare Ko. With regards to the song’s success and influence, excellent would be an understatement. The band went into a hiatus but recently re-united.

4. Rivermaya – Ulan

Before Bamboo became one of the most sought after pop rock performer in the country, he was first the lead vocalist of the 90’s local group Rivermaya, and Ulan was their ticket to their status today, specially for Bamboo Manalac and Rico Blanco. Ulan was released in 1994 and had become a phenomenal hit instantly. Due to Ulan and the band’s success, Rivermaya was the closest threat to the then kings Eraseheads.

5. Yano – Santong Kabayo

Yano is the only Pinoy band who only had two members, Dong Abay and Eric Gancio. Unknown to many, Santong Kabayo was not their first single,in fact it was their third. Abay and Gancio earlier recorded the EDSA inspired anthem “Kamusta Na” and “Kaka” a song during the time when 12-hour rotating power outage was prevalent. This was part of their demo recorded at  Joey Ayala’s home studio and was submitted to the now defunct LA 105. The two songs had some airplays but gained little success compared to Santong Kabayo. The iconic song released in 1994, was Yano’s carrier single for their self-titled album. After a couple of hits and series of albums, Yano finally called it quits in 1997 after Abay suffered a fame induced pressure that eventually led him to be inactive for a couple of years.

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Written by Bjorn Ramos

Writing and Blogging since 2010 about sports, music and social issues. A staunch advocate of anti-music piracy and a big fan of old pinoy rock and roll.

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