Top 10 Most Influential Pinoy Bands of the 90’s

6. The Youth – Multo Sa Paningin

Multo Sa Paningin or more popularly known as Multong Bakla, is actually not a song about the band’s disgust to the third sex .It was actually about someone with an awful personality. Multo Sa Paningin was  The Youth’s first single in their 1994 studio album, “Album Na Walang Pamagat.” The studio album was the band’s second album after their independently produced 1990 album, “The Youth.”

7. Parokya ni Edgar – Buloy

Buloy released in 1996, became one of the most recognized songs of the 90’s. It mirrored the band’s simple yet deep take on friendship and death. The song captured the entire nation’s ears and hearts because of its chord progression, easy to remember lyrics, and a story that everybody can relate. This perhaps is Parokya’s secret that makes them still relevant even after 22 years in the industry.

8. The Weed – Long Hair

The Weed were high-school friends from an all-boys school in Sikatuna.. Long Hair released in 1993, was a protest song to their school’s haircut policy. The Weed was the only mainstream band at that time who plays songs with a reggae mix back when reggae is still an unknown genre among Pinoys.

9. Wolfgang – Halik Ni Hudas

Wolfgang and Razorback were called the pogi bands of the 90’s, a moniker they were not very happy to hear. But when Halik Ni Hudas was released and heard over LA 105, everything changed. They were not just pogi after all. The name-calling died and the band turned out to be, if not one of the best, the best Pinoy rock band to be born from the Philippine music industry.

10. Eraserhead – Pare Ko

Do we need to say more. Pare Ko perhaps was the ultimate song that defined the 90’s and hones our younger years.


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Written by Bjorn Ramos

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