Top 3 Imagine Dragons songs you must listen before their Smoke + Mirrors Tour

Grammy Award winning & Spotify’s second most streamed group of 2014 — Las-Vegas based band Imagine Dragons is set to spark your imagination for the first time on August 27, 2015 at the SM MOA Arena.

Composed of Dan Reynolds (lead vocals), Daniel Wayne Sermon (lead & rhythm guitars), Ben McKee (bass guitar) & Daniel Platzman (drums & percussion), Imagine Dragons got their first break in Bite of Las Vegas Festival 2009.

It’s Time, Radioactive, and Demons are few of their songs that you’ve probably heard all over the frequencies and different music platforms. But aside from these well played singles, we list down our top three must-listen Imagine Dragons songs before their much anticipated concert.

3. Tiptoe. If you haven’t heard this song yet maybe you need to explore their Night Vision album further. If you want a mind-blowing hype then we suggest you to start playing this first thing in the morning. It will surely take you to higher grounds as you tiptoe to the kitchen for your daily caffeine fix.

2. Bleeding out. This one is also part of their first album. If you dig a song that will make suck all the emotions on your nightly long walks try plugging this sound to your earphones. We guarantee a feel of different dimensions of emotions, from sympathy to invincibility. You will simply bleed out those feelings you kept from your ex.

1. I’m So Sorry. If you have their new album Smoke + Mirrors then you must have raped the replay button endlessly to hear this one over and over again. And you are not sorry for it. This one is a masterpiece! It’s like a roller-coaster ride from excitement to heart-pumping boost of energy you need in saying a simple yet hard to blurt out phrase –” I’m Sorry.”

Imagine Dragon’s 2015 album Smoke + Mirrors carry their first single “Bet My Life” released in late 2014.

Nirvana, Beatles and Arcade of Fire are only few of their cited music influences as a band. If you’re up to a mind blowing, eclectic, and heart pumping type of music, Imagine Dragons delivers all that.

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