Song Review: Tulala – Joyce Pring

Former Myx VJ Joyce Pring is now trying to make a name for herself as a recording artist. Her latest single “Tulala” showcases the talent she has polished to sail in the ocean of singers. Written and composed by Kiko Salazar, the song has a Motown music and Pinoy jukebox feel. Her vocal prowess is somewhat reminiscent of Didith Reyes and Amy Winehouse. Her husky, slurry tone makes her sound unique among the usual OPM belters.

She may have overdone her runs in a few sections of the track making these parts sound less since than if she’d have done it with less embellishment.

Kiko Salazar’s poetic attack on the lyrics profoundly describes the different facets of being “tulala.” The music and the arrangement lent a new spin on the classic “jukebox sound.” It may not have the catchy vibe that appeals effectively to the general public, but this is the kind of technically genius song that can be held in the same regard as songs written by Gloc-9, Francis Magalona, and Rico Blanco.

The music video directed by Enzo Valdez could have been perfect if not for the one-dimensional shot of Joyce all throughout. It may have been intentional because the song is about being “tulala,” but the director could have experimented and explored different angles of Joyce’s shots and not just go with repetitive close-ups facing the camera. The story really depicts the different “Tulala” situations that one can experience.

What do you think?

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Written by Ron Mia

A music enthusiast who's into pop/ballad/rnb/alternative rock. Supporter of OPM and promoter of #OPMFriday

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