The Ultimate HipHop Dream for 2015: Araneta Dream “The Coliseum”

Road2Araneta is coming back to fulfill the Araneta Dream. Yes, it’s making a comeback at the Big Dome on April 9. The Araneta Dream 2015 will be called “The Coliseum”, and the coliseum they intend to fill.

HipHop fans might as well save the date if they want to see artists like Turbulence Crew, Mike Swift, Q-York’ s Knowa Lazarus and Flava Matikz, Q-York Edutainment, Sunugan, J-Hoon, and J-hon Aackk, among the bunch.

Final information on the upcoming event is yet to be announced. But fans can count on this ultimate HipHop dream to happen on the 9th of April.